Published plays/books | Satish Alekar

Published plays/books

Here's a list of original plays in Marathi

1.Micki Aani Memsaheb (1973)*
2.Mahanirvan (1974)*
3.Mahapoor (1975)*
4.Begum Barve (1979)*
5.Shanwar Raviwar (1982)*
6.Dusra Samana (1987)
7.Atireki (1990)*
8.Pidhijat (2003)*
9.Ek Divas Mathakade (2012)

List of original one-act plays

1.Memory (1969)
2.Bhajan (1969)
3.Ek Zulta Pool (1971)*
4.Dar Koni Ughadat Naahi (1979)
5.Bus Stop (1980)

List of adapted/translated one-act plays

1.Judge (1968)
2.Yamuche Rahasya (1976)
3.Bhint (1980)*
4.Valan (1980)*
5.Alshi Uttarvalyachi Gosht (1999)**
6.Nashibvan Baiche Don (1999)**
7.Supari (2002)
8.Karmaachari (2009)

** Directed by Satish Alekar for Lalit Kala Kendra (Centre For Performing Arts, University of Pune), India
* Directed for Theatre Academy, Pune, India

His published plays are available with Neelkanth Prakashan, Pune in Marathi and Seagull Book, Calcutta in English. Many of his plays have been translated, produced and published in several Indian regional languages. These are Hindi, Tamil, Dogri, Kannada, Gujarathi, Rajasthani, Punjabi, and Konkni. His plays also included in the National Anthologies published by the National School of Drama and Sahitya Akademi, Delhi published in 2000-01. Satish Alekar has also collaborated in several international translation projects. Oxford University press, Delhi has published 'Collected Plays of Satish Alekar.

Two Crtique published on plays Mahanirvan (Dread Departure) and Begum Barve in Marathi:

1) "Mahanirvan: Sameeksha aani Sansmarne" (A volume of critique in Marathi on the play ' Mahanirvan'-Dread Departure Edited by Dr. Rekha Inmadar-Sane published by M/s Rajhans Prakashan, Pune, I Edition Dec 1999, II Edition March 2008, ISBN 81-7434-165-X, Pages: 254, Price Rs.250/-) The volume first published in 1999 to mark the 25th year run of the production of the play produced by Theatre Academy, Pune directed by Satish Alekar. Volume included 90 pages of the extensive interview of the playwright Satish Alekar.

2) "Begum Barve Vishayee" (About the play Begum Barve) Edited by Dr. Rekha Inamdar-Sane published in June 2010 ISBN 978-81-7434-501-1 by M/s Rajhans Prakashan, Pune, Pages 169, Price: Rs. 200/- The books has nine articles analysing the text and the performance written by well-known theatre scholars.